Welcome to magical Húsavík

Northern Lights over Húsavík

Hi, my name is Orly Orlyson and I am your guide to the town of Húsavík in northern Iceland. I am the founder of the Exploration Museum in Húsavík and an International member of the Explorers Club in New York City.

I was born and raised in Húsavík and came back to live here after traveling the world for a few years. I have a great passion for the town and its people. I served for two years as the President of the Húsavík Town Council and before that for four years as the Chairman of the Húsavík Chamber of Commerce and Tourism.

With my family, I have founded several hotels and guesthouses in town. I currently run the Húsavík Cape Hotel, Húsavík Hostel and Húsavík Guesthouse, as well as the Húsavík Explorers Apartment rental.

I have welcomed presidents & prime ministers, moonwalkers & movie stars, astronauts & ambassadors, and my goal is always the same: to help my guests get the most out of their visit to Húsavík.

I started this blog to share my knowledge of the town with people around the world planing their trip here. I look forward to welcoming you and to help you discover the secrets of our colorful Húsavík. See you soon.


Orly Orlyson,
manager of Húsavík Cape Hotel
founder and director of The Exploration Museum