Getting around Húsavík in wintertime

Húsavík sees quite a lot of snow during the winter months, so for people who dream of visiting but have only seen pictures, it might be unclear how to travel around the town in winter.

Iceland is a country that is used to working with snow, so we have good infrastructure for dealing with it.

First of all, the streets are cleared of snow every day in Húsavík. And not only the main street but most of the smaller roads as well.

For the past two decades, the municipality has also installed geothermal hot water ground heating under sidewalks that have gone through repair. And last year, a new sidewalk was set up from the town center to the southern entrance to the town, making a warm, snow free and dry walkway from the southern end of town all the way to the swimming pool at the northern end of town.

So getting around Húsavík is no problem, and you won’t need to rent a dog sledge.