Packing for Iceland? Don’t forget your bathing suit!

Iceland is as far from a tropical vacation spot as you can imagine, so a bathing suit might not be the first thing you think about when packing for a trip to Iceland.

But what Iceland has is a lot, and I mean a lot, of hot water. The town of Húsavík sits at the northern end of a geothermal area that runs from the north to south of the country, giving us hot water that we use not only to heat our homes during the cold winter months, but also to fill all our hot water pools and outdoor bathing areas.

Húsavík is home to two amazing pools.

On top of the Húsavík Cape is the Geosea Spa, a hot ocean water pool that opened in 2018, and replaced a small tub used by locals for decades to bath in this water.

At the northern end of the main street is the Húsavík Swimming Pool. Opened in 1958, the pool offers a 16 meter pool for swimming and three smaller hot water pools for relaxing. In 2019, a big water slide was added to the facilities that has become popular for families traveling with kids.